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A Little Weird

My Personal Journal about Life, cats, and randomness.

Friends Only
This is a friends only journal. Here I could post about anything. The majority of my posts are about animals, my art, work, or my personal life. Only my art-related posts are public, though some of my animal posts are as well. So if you want to be added comment here.

(no subject)
Damn I can't find a job. I've been looking. My back is getting better, but my legs still ache. I've had to either stay in bed or put a large pillow on my computer chair. It's weird. But i've been applying to all kinds of jobs here but nothing. Yet in Utah they'd call me back within a few days if not the next day. I hate this, being stuck here. But no money to move back and what if I did move back? How would I afford a place? Even if I did find a roommate, i couldn't move in right away. It's just so hard and I hate it. I hate being stuck in this house. It seems everytime I come out of my room i'm being yelled at....My depression and anxiety is bad. I can't live in Texas due to no jobs, and I cant move to utah due to no housing.

Speaking of housing, i've been thinking of just buying a small house. I'm never having kids, so doesn't matter, but even a small house requires 15,000 down, something I don't have. Ugh I just don't know what to do. i feel like i'm stuck somewhere and will always be stuck in this spiral where I can't go anywhere. I dunno. If I sold more art I could maybe save in a year, but in that year i'd need to stay here and I don't know if I can do that.

Anyways so this isn't all wordy here are some recent illustrations I did.

And I finished designing my business cards :D Tell me what you think.

Hello There
So nothing going on. Michael left a few weeks back but now dad has given him an open invitation to come sleep there whenever so that doesn't help. I've been working on my art mostly. Here are some recent ones.

I'm moving back to Utah. I have too. Although I make decend money with my commissions, this month has been horrible. For some reason August was a bad month. i advertised like crazy in a ton of fb groups but only about 4 commissions this month :/ Due to my health I can only work sitting jobs such as call center or secretarial work. I've applied to jobs in Texas but no call backs. In Utah I was called back the next day. Because of this i've decided to move there. Unfortunately my dad can't help due to bills and my siblings can't help so I mad a YouCaring (like Gofundme but less funds) to get to Utah since I don't have the funds. More info on the fund can be found on the page. If you can donate i'd really appreciate, but even sharing it would help me.

CLICK HERE to go to the link. It allows you to share it on facebook, twitter, etc too.
I'm also of course open for commissions to help with that.

Apart from that nothing has been happening. My nephews have gotten so big. Dominic (the oldest at 7) I can't pick up any more. Ivan I can pick up but with effort. And Jayden, well, he's already starting to stand on his own and not even 1 yet. I'm childfree and i'm never going to have kids. Why would I want to spawn kids with my medical issues and other traits? Not only that but i'm selfish and like my me time. I love baby sitting my nephews and am like a second mom to them because i've helped raise them when I lived with my sister in Idaho. That is the only problem with moving to Utah. I'm going to miss their birthdays and seeing them. I'm leaving after the holidays if i've saved up enough so hoping I see Jayden walk before that.

jayden, Jayden, Dom and Ivan, Dom and Jayden, Ivan. I love these guys. 

(no subject)
I know i've not updated in a while but i'm alive I swear. Just been working on my art. Here are some pet portraits i've been doing.

From left to right (border colliexaussie, smooth coat border collie, border colliexaussie, lab mix, gsd,)

What do you think?

Back to drawing
Cat Samplenolines

I Bet I'm Gonna Get Fired...
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Was late to work...again!

Okay but it wasn't entirely my fault. I worked 9-4:45 today. So last night I decided to wash clothes. I then decided to lay on my bed to wait to put them in the dryer. Well of course I fell asleep and woke up at 2 AM and then finished the clothes, but stayed up until around 6 AM but set my alarm for both 8 and 8:30 (I live 10-15 minutes away so yeah). But then I wake up at 9:52 AM!!!!!!!! Check my phone and there is a voice mail from pharmacist Ryan asking if i'm coming in. Call them back and tell them i'll be late.

But it was good today. The queue wasn't too backed up. But my new shoes are still digging into my ankle and now my sore that it's made over the past few days is deeper and you can physically feel the hole in my ankle...it's bad. But I don't want to buy new shoes :/ I don't get paid until Friday and I need to take my cats to the vet for flea medication. Also Charlie is fat. My stepmom thought she was pregnant (she's not). I'm planning on getting insurance for her. Been putting it off as it's hella expensive but she's honestly my heart-cat and i've already lost Daisy and don't want to lose her as well...

And Willow just needs flea medication as he's infested. Dad has banned him to the laundry room (though of course I sneak him inside :P).

Okay well that was my day. How was yours?


Doctor Who Related
So apparently the doctor is getting a new companion. About freakin time. Don't get me wrong. Clara is adorable but she was kinda blah. Better than Martha Jones, but not by much. Loved Amelia Pond and Donna Noble way more.


Art Update
Trying to start drawing again. In the fall-fashion mood so drew a pretty kitty with an autumn-themed scarf. Not happy with the legs but overall not annoyed with this piece :)


(no subject)
I am so tired. Went to bed at 2:45 AM then woke up at around 8 AM. Went to the post office and mall with my sister and nephews. Managed to buy some pokemon figures, Stung by Bethany Wiggins (I highly recommend this author to everyone), a Doctor Who Book Mark (Keep Calm I'm The Doctor), and my sister bought me a dolphin pendent. Then I came home and...

My brother's gf has some orphaned kittens and she brought them over! So cute!

Pics are huge so behind cutCollapse )
Charlie and Daisy didn't like them...at all...Maria, brother's gf, was giving them the kitten formula, but they were biting at the nipple so I got a look at their teeth. They are probably about 5 weeks old. I told her what to do about weaning them off and stuff. Awe I'm sad though because I love raising kitties. That's the best thing there is in life. If I could do that as a job, just raise kittens, I would!

Updated pics of MY furbabies:
Charlotte (AKA Charlie) will have her first gotchya day next month. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I adopted her...

Daisy will be 8 months next week. She's grown into a lovely golden eyed, beauty. She always sleeps at my feet or sometimes on top of me, which is uncomfy.

Time for bed now as i'm exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow will be a "me" day where I can just lounge around.